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Meet the partners responsible for the project

TNC Talent and creativity

The organisation has been registered in 2018 and registered in RUNTS in August 2023. Its objectives are the promotion of education in talent and creativity as basic for changes and a new approach to job market and to personal growth. 


To promote it, the association operates in field of education, trainings and European projects. TNC is born after the growth of TIA Formazione, another association that has deepened many topics connected with education, entrepreneurship through European projects and trainings. The association does not pursue profit-making purposes and has exclusively cultural, civic, solidarity, and social utility purposes.


The International Institute for Implementing Sustainable Development (MIITR) is a private NGO, established in 2017 in Maribor, Slovenia. Its main activity is research and development in the fields of sustainability, comprehending environmental, economic, social, and lately smart and digital dimensions, especially when considering innovative forms of learning.


MIITR personnel has a high proficiency knowledge, competences and expertise in the fields of economic, environment, social, and computer sciences as well as project management, promotion and dissemination activities are included (e.g., 2 individuals with PhDs, 1 with MSc, 3 with BSc).

TotalEU Production

TotalEU Production Srl is a video production and communication company based in Brussels, Belgium. The company, founded in March 2020, is responsible for providing European communication strategies, multimedia coverage and social media management to public and private entities.


TotalEU, thanks to its young and dynamic team of cameramen and videomakers, is specialized in audiovisual production of all kinds, with a particular focus on the activity of the European institutions.

The TotalEU team can cover events of all kinds with a multicam technology that also allows professional live in broadcast quality and on the web.


Professional Foundation is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit foundation, established in 1998 with a view to promoting high quality in education, intercultural tolerance and appreciation in youth, life-long learning, human rights, social inclusion, fight against gender stereotypes and discrimination. It promotes: gender equality and equity, networking at local and international levels, European cooperation. 


It is also a member of ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World) as it upholds the human dignity and well-being of women including, youth and migrant women.

Solis SRLS

SOLIS Srls, headquartered in Modena, Emilia Romagna Region, stands as a dynamic organization with a wealth of experience in driving participatory processes and social inclusion initiatives. Their collaborative efforts span across diverse sectors, involving children, youth, migrants, NGOs, public administrations, social enterprises, and educational institutions.


Through their projects, including Autobiographical Theatre initiatives, and their role as coordinator for collaborative ventures SOLIS Srls embodies a forward-thinking approach to fostering inclusivity, innovation, and positive societal transformation.

European Migration Platform

European Migrant Platform (EMP) is a newly established NGO (October 2020) in Brussels that aims to promote equal treatment, equal rights, and better integration for migrants in Europe, encourage social and economic development through migration in Europe; support migrants to integrate into the economic, social, cultural and political spheres of the host society; build a bridge between migrants and the society of the host country bearing in the mind the importance of meaningful interactions, empathy, sense of belonging, mutual understanding, inclusion, wellbeing of the society as a whole; encourage
the established migrants to play an active role in solving social problems and to be hospitable to newly arrived migrants and refugees.

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