Innovative ways to resolve conflicts among the European youth in education: the FOR-J project mission has begun

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Brussels, 10 May 2024

FOR-J is a project dedicated to advocating effective conflict resolution techniques among Europe’s youth populace. With a nuanced understanding of issues arising from migration and discrimination, the project is steadfast in its commitment to fostering understanding and unity across diverse communities.

This is the goal of FOR-J (FOstering alternative means of conflict solutions through Restorative Justice practices and innovative tools), standing at the forefront of empowering Europe’s youth, and finally we can announce its official launch. 

FOR-J wants to act as a bridge to share ideas on how to solve problems peacefully, by creating easy-to-use online tools to help youth workers with new ways to handle disagreements and build peace. How? Through innovative techniques like story mapping and visual storytelling, the project will share the very best practices in applying restorative justice mechanisms and alternative conflict resolution methods, breaking new ground with the multisensory space methodology, creating immersive experiences for young people to explore conflict resolution in unique ways.

The FOR-J project brings together a consortium of six esteemed partners, each contributing unique expertise and perspectives: to represent Belgium the European Migration Platform and TotalEU Production Srl, for Italy TNC Talent and Creativity and Solis SRLS, for Slovenia The International Institute for Implementing Sustainable Development (MIITR) and for Romania FUNDATIA PROFESSIONAL. Together, these partners form a formidable alliance, poised to catalyze positive change across Europe.

Co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ program, the FOR-J project invites stakeholders, educators, and youth advocates to join hands in this transformative journey towards a more peaceful and inclusive society. Together, we can empower the next generation with the tools and knowledge to build bridges, resolve conflicts, and foster a brighter future for all.

For more information about the FOR-J project, please visit

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