How can we achieve our plan?

From a sociological point of view, stories have been shown to establish or reinforce social norms that support the behavior that is being promoted. With the right research and theoretical grounding, story-based media can shift social norms, values, and beliefs more effectively than traditional, fact-based messaging.


At the European level, digital storytelling related to best practices for alternative means of conflict solutions between youth, applying restorative justice principles and digital methodologies, is missing. Therefore, knowledge about conflict solutions and restorative justice approaches will be presented in such a way that youth workers can adequately absorb it and transfer it to their working context.


Digital Storytelling, using story mapping and visual storytelling, is an innovative and appropriate approach. Such a complex issue becomes tangible through stories from other contexts that are already successfully applying the concept and inspires other professionals to implement it themselves.

Implementing the action plans in four countries such as Belgium, Italy, Romania, and Slovenia will generate innovative successful programs within youth organizations to deal with conflict management, that can be further developed and replicated in other countries.

Restorative justice principles and multisensory space methodology have the potential to engage with migrant youth for youth workers. To encourage the interaction between the local people and immigrants and to make the different cultures visible with building multisensory environments has shown to be a very inspiring way to learn and achieve also digital skills. Developing and testing the methodology in four countries represents an innovative approach to the topic.


Through the project activities, youth and youth workers will increase their understanding of diversity, and gain proper skills to engage with difficult situations and effectively manage conflicts that could arise, reinforcing the sense of belonging of migrant youth. The pilot phase of both the action plans and the guidelines for the development and implementation of multisensory spaces will play a crucial role.