FOstering alternative means of conflict solutions through Restorative Justice practices and innovative tools

Who are we?


Our aim is to help young people in Europe deal with conflicts better, especially when they come from different backgrounds or face discrimination. 


We want to act as a bridge to share ideas on how to solve problems peacefully, by creating easy-to-use online tools to help youth workers with new ways to handle disagreements and build peace.

Our objectives

We want to present inspiring stories, data-driven plans, and inclusive spaces to empower
educators and youth workers in fostering peace and understanding among diverse communities.

Good practices, told in an engaging digital storytelling format.
Action plans, to be implemented in 4 countries.

Multisensory spaces

Between youth with different cultural backgrounds.

What we do?

our activities

Through innovative techniques like story mapping and visual storytelling, we’re sharing the very best practices in applying restorative justice mechanisms and alternative conflict resolution methods.


We’re also breaking new ground with our multisensory space methodology, creating immersive experiences for young people to explore conflict resolution in unique ways.